Risk Assessment

Jurassic Coast 10k Run Saturday 27th July 2019 Risk Assessment & Emergency Plan  
(This is a working document which may be subject to change as the planning of the event develops and the situation on the ground changes.)  
July 2019                          
Table of Contents
1. General Statement of Intent  
2. Risk Assessment Overview  
3, Event Overview
4. Course Risk Assessment & Marshal Plan  
5. Runners Briefing  
6. Medical Risk Assessment Overview  
7. Emergency Plan        
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1.General Statement of Intent  
Jurassic Coat 10K intends to comply with all current Health and Safety Legislation. The aim being to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable the Health Safety and Welfare of those attending the run whether Running, Visitor, or Volunteering.   In the pursuit of this goal Jurassic Coat 10k intends to co-operate with all other organisations involved with the running of the event and seek the professional advice of such outside agencies as may be necessary.   A Risk Assessment will be carried out with policies and procedures being produced to cover major incidents. These where necessary will be designed to fit in with the policies and standing operational procedures of other organisations involved in the event. Where required training instruction and supervision will be provided to ensure that those assisting in the running of the event are fully conversant will the policies and procedures.    Signed On Behalf of Jurassic Coast 10k     Print Name:   Position:   Signature:   Date:  
2.Risk Assessment Overview  
One of the most significant safety aspects of an event of this nature is the ability to deal with the unforeseen. Prior planning for major issues such as a medical emergency, crowd control, welfare or major accident is essential, these are standard issues handled by experienced professionals. However as the event itself unfolds numerous issues will arise which will require action to be taken at the time. Runners partaking in the event will be required to supply certain information, such as their confidence that they are fit and competent to carry out such a run, and to follow certain procedures, e.g. wearing of appropriate clothing to ensure that they assist all organisations taking part in the administration of the event in complying with their responsibilities under current Health & Safety regulations. The minimum age to take 15 years old to take part. It is the intention, to assist in tackling these challenges, by having a safety co-ordinator on the ground throughout the event from registration to “all runners completing the Event.” Their brief will be to observe practices of persons present so as their actions do not place any runners, spectators, volunteers at risk and that requirements of current legislation are being met.    This assessment is a draft-working document designed for discussion at the various meetings to take place prior and post to the events. It is expected that as arrangements for the events progress issues may arise that constitute hazards; these will be assessed and controlled accordingly. For the purposes of this assessment the following assumptions are made:   The management team involved in the organisation will use their experience and knowledge to ensure, that so far as is reasonably practicable, risks to the general public and others are minimised.   The involvement of professional organisations in such areas as safety, Event and Medical, marshalling.   The involvement at the planning stage of the medical professionals who will be in attendance throughout the event. Event and Medical is the organisation providing the medical cover at the Jurassic Coast 10k 2019.   References   The Good Practice Safety Guide for small and sporting events taking place on the highway, road and public places (Home Office 2010)The Health & Safety at Work Etc act and all subsequent legislationRunbritain.com                                                     During the course of this assessment, hazards and risk will be prioritised using the following risk rating system   HAZARDS: Are Categorised Using the Following Scale A= Death, Major Injury, Major Damage Or Loss To Property Or Equipment.   B= An Injury Resulting In More Than Three Days Off Work, Or Damage To Property Or Equipment   C= Minor Injury, Minor Damage To Property Or Equipment   RISKS: Are Categorised Using The Following Scale:   1= Extremely Likely To Occur   2= Frequent, Or Quite Likely To Occur   3 = Slight Chance Of Occurring     RISK A B C   1         2         3         A1     UNACCEPTABLE: must receive immediate attention to remove or reduce risk A2/B1     URGENT: must receive attention as soon as possible to reduce hazard or risk A3/C1     Needs attention to verify if hazard (A) or risk (1) can be reduced. Check if satisfactory systems are in place B2     Should receive attention to check if hazard or risk can be reduced and that monitoring procedures are in place B3/C2     Low priority   C3     Low priority
3.Event Overview  
This event is held on foot paths along the South West Coast Path and the River Otter, the runners will run through a cornered off car park at the start and small roads about half way around which are well marshalled. The race is organised by Jurassic Coast 10k, in aid of a local charity, the FORCE Cancer Charity. The event was first held in 2004. All runners are asked to pay an entry fee and run at their own risk.   The course will be traffic free in parts, however the paths are shared with the general public.  Race HQ is Lime Kiln Car Park, Budleigh Salterton, Toilet facilities are available within 200 m from Race HQ.   It is anticipated that up to 350 runners will take part.   The event is run on the 27th July 2019 at 11am. The course will be inspected during the week leading up to the event to ensure it is safe.  If there are any possible issues such as foul weather conditions then a final assessment will be taken 1hr prior to the start.  If it is deemed that the course is unsafe then the race will be postponed or cancelled.   A race briefing for all marshals and safety personnel will be held prior to the start.   A race briefing for all runners will be held prior to the start. Runners will be briefed that they must share the paths and be aware of the general public including dog walkers. Runners will also be asked to report back on any problems arising whilst running. For example: Damaged footpaths, potholes, poor visibility etc. See Runners Brief section 5 for full information. Communications:  The race organisers will use mobile phones to contact each other – the First Aid provider, Event and Medical, will be on radio with the Race Organiser.  All race officials, marshals & volunteers to ensure that their phones are fully charged before the event.   Course: Directional Signs, arrows & Caution Runner signs will be used around the course to direct runners and warn the public the event is taking place.  The course will be inspected the race day to ensure it is fit for purpose.   Advance Warning signs will also be erected around the course 1-2 weeks before the event, which will warn members of the public that the event is taking place.   First Aid Provision: This will be provided by Event and Medical.  In the case of a serious incident the race organisers will call 999 to get extra assistance – the race will be abandoned.   There will be first aid available at the start and finish area, 2 First aiders. On the course the medical 4×4 plus 2 first aiders will be based at the Water works between 5km and 6km and will access the course as required.   Accident Reporting: All accidents involving Runners, members of the public or Staff must be reported to the Race Director and such reports should be passed to the Health and Safety Officer who will enter them in the incident log book. This will be kept as a record of the event but also as a guide as to possible hazards for future events.   Accidents include any unplanned event leading to:   Injury to persons whether staff or a member of the public. Damage to property. Incidents likely to cause either of the above.   Once the initial report has been filed, the Health and Safety Manager will carry out a preliminary investigation and take any appropriate action. In the course of this investigation the use of photography and witness statements may be used as necessary to record evidence.   R.I.D.D.O.R. – Jurassic Coast 10k have a statutory duty to report any serious injury caused to participants, spectators and volunteers (plus contractors and staff) resulting from negligence – e.g. a runner injured tripping over a barrier (but not a self-inflicted injury or illness). Event and Medical will assist by completing their relevant Patient Report Form (PRF) and provide a relevant report to Jurassic Coast 10k to enter on the Health & Safety Executive’s website.   Marshals: Marshals will be positioned at key points on the course to ensure the safety of the runners, helpers and general public.  Marshals are to wear high-visibility bibs.   Marshal Plan – See Appendix’s for roles and responsibilities around the course  
4.Course & Marshal Plan
Contact Details:   Race Director / Safety Officer: Mrs Jane Newman – 07814009918 Race Admin: Sue Newman – 07740430169 Medical Services: Event and Medical. Martin Reggler  Martin. Mobile: 0784 357 9290 Sweeper on Foot – Heather Taylor 07773 409453   Police, Clinton Devon, East Devon Council have all been informed of the race. Signs to put up at race HQ 2 weeks before the run to inform the public.   Marshal Plan – See Appendix’s for roles and responsibilities around the course. Signage – Km markers at each 1 km, plus 300m,200m, 100m from finish Signs – Caution, to the start, arrows, advanced warning, steep Stoney steps, steep steps to bridge, water station. Arrow put at every point where more than one option of travel and extra to reassure runner on long stretches going the correct direction, also spray paint on ground to reassure, information signage location stated in the course risk assessment. Mobile phone signal throughout the course. If for any reason your mobile phone looses signal and you are not able to call, please get the get to the next marshal as quickly as possible to inform them of the emergency/reason for contacting race HQ/medical services. Marshal Briefing 8:50am on race day Thank very much for coming Reminder via email prior to event to come with appropriate clothing, fully charged mobile phones. Phones checked on the day Each Marshal given a marshal map and on reverse marshal list with instructions to have on the course. Any marshal that is new to position is taken to their position and clarified role by Jane Harris/ Malcolm persey/ Sue Newman To stand in position and clearly direct with arms direction of run If runner experiences any difficulty or difficulty reported on the course to inform race director, if medical to inform Event and Medical. To stay in position until sweeper passes them. Take any signage they are able to and themselves back to race HQ to sign out. Finish Set up Finish funnel – 12 stakes/cones – 6 each side – barrier tape tied around them to create a funnel. Finish line at start of funnel, Marshal to keep runners in order. Marshal giving out positional bar code. End of funnel marshal scanning bar code and position Gazeboo where registration took place, put out trophies. Minimum 2 marshal in this zone for baggage store and merchandise and to keep equipment safe At approx. 12:30 – prize giving at race HQ. Loud Speaker. Representative from FORCE to do a small talk. Water table – cups poured – marshal overseeing Bananas and sweets for runners to help them selves Toilet at cricket club and on sea front Timing by ERS race time software – scan and timer links to computer Back up 2 marshals ( taking numbers and times) A further marshal writing number in order Cancellation procedure. If weather results in the course not being safe the race will be cancelled. Guidance taken from the Met Office and BBC weather. A warning will be put on Face book and emailed to runners the night before, runners will be informed final decision will be made at 7am on race day. A final decision will be put on face book and website, if they do not have internet access they can call 07814009918 to check if race going ahead Marshal will be at race HQ even if race cancelled to inform any runner that does attend. Disqualified If signs of alcohol or drug abuse, not safe to run, pushing/ unsafe behavior on course If number not displayed, does not follow route. Abusive   GDPR – all entries through Eventbrite and emails sent without runners information. Course Risk Assessment which has resulted in the Marshal Positions Hazards Persons at Risk Risk Evaluation Control strategy Start of race – up to 350 runners run along the sea front Runners and General Public C3 Marshals (M) lining the sea front warning pedestrians Advanced warning notices Signs Start of otter path – runners go from wide path across carpark to narrow otter path. Risk of bottle neck and pedestrians Runners and walkers C3 Marshal 1, 2, 3 warning pedestrians of runners coming along path. At 10:50 advising that they wait until runners have passed Signage up 2 weeks in advance warning pedestrians of event   Runners turn right off footpath onto quiet road over bridge to start of SW coast path Runners B2 M3 and 4 to direct cars, cones and signs to control traffic   Steep steps down to Bridge Runners C3 M5 warning runners of step steps and narrow bridge ahead. Sign Injured and require assistance Runners B2 All Marshals – if injured runner to contact race organiser and Event and Medical with their marshal position and nature of injury. 999 if deemed appropriate. Dehydration Runners C3 Water station at 5km with 2 marshals. Over 350 bottles/cups of water on table, handed out by marshals for ease to runners. Further station with M13 Sign Steep Stoney narrow path Runners C3 M8 warning runners of steep Stoney path ahead. Sign Getting lost runners C3 All Marshals to direct runners Sweeper Course signage arrows and information boards, KM markers, temporary course marker for arrows and KM markers Counting runners back in at the finish – correlating to number registered. Cross disused road, down steps to bridge Runners, other rd users B3 M13 – 2 marshals to warn runners, ensure road is clear of pedestrians, cyclist, other rd users Warn about steps to bridge. Sign   Steep slope to kissing gate, can be slippery if wet runners C3 M14 to warn runners of steep slope to kissing gate and slippery if this is the case Sign   Facilities Risk Assessment Race HQ –  gazeboo Runners, marshals and spectators   Ensure set up and fixed securely for weather conditions and volume of people. Race HQ – Tripping over guy ropes Runners, marshals and spectators   To attach guy ropes to railings where possible so people can not trip over. Race HQ – finishing funnel – stakes – sharp Runners and spectators   Ensure stakes are safely put into the ground and cleared away when event finished. Marshal to ensure finish funnel is not played with. Toilets – public toilets on sea front and toilets at budleigh Salterton cricket club Runners, marshals and spectators   Checked before event Registration in poor weather Runners, marshals and spectators   If deemed to wet and windy to safely register under gazebo, to register at Budliegh Salterton Cricket club. Marshal to direct runners to cricket club from normal registration area – green north end of line kiln car park.                
5.Runners Briefings
  Pre Event:   An email will be sent to runners providing them with general details for the event and registration details. They will be directed to the Jurassic Coast website for full information.   Full event details are available from the race website.   All runner’s race numbers have a space on the reverse for them to fill in their personal details and race instructions, there will be tables and pens for them to do this when they collect their numbers.   There are public toilets on Budleigh Sea Front, within 200 m of Race HQ (the finish) on the way to the start – there is often a queue beforehand, so please use the facilities in good time so as not to miss the start. There are also toilets at the Budleigh Salterton Cricket Club which can be used by runners only not supporters.   The race will start promptly at 11.00am. Please note the start will be on the seafront at the south end of Lime Kiln car park. Clear directions will be provided from race HQ. JC10k HQ will be at the north end of the Lime Kiln Car Park, adjacent to the childrens’ playground and in front of Budleigh Salterton Cricket Club. This is also where the race ends. All finishers will receive a medal. Water will be available at Race Headquarters (unlimited water) at 5km (350x300ml water bottles/cups of water – one for each runner) plus water at Clammer bridge marshal point (150 300ml bottles/ cups of water). Directions and parking Budleigh Salterton is found on the coast of East Devon, 10 miles from Junction 30 of the M5. Lime Kiln Car Park (Race Headquarters) can be found at the eastern end of Budleigh’s 2km beach, famous for its large smooth pebbles (an integral feature of the World Heritage Coastline!). Lime Kiln car park is at the end of Granary Lane, postcode EX9 6JD. There are 422 parking spaces in the car park, but please arrive in good time as this is a popular area. Alternative car parks in Budleigh are available at Rolle Mews Car Park on the main street and at Lower Station Road Car Park behind the library. Please see the map on the route page for more details. Race Headquarters At race HQ you will find further information about the race, kit store (kit stored at own risk), first aid and an information desk. First Aid will be provided on the day by Event and Medical at the start/end of the race. and on the course. Marshals will be along the route. If you are unable to take part please inform Race organiser by emailing  jane@peakpkhysio.com or telephone 07814009918. Numbers can be transferred until the race closes on the 22nd of July. After this date runners can not transfer their number to another person to run.  Runners are not allowed to wear headphones or such like as these prevent you being aware of what is going on around you. Race Number Collection Check-in on the day is at Run HQ. You will be able to check in from 9.00 a.m. on the day. Check in will close at 10:30 am so we can run the children’s event. Your race number will be available to collect from the desk corresponding to the first letter of your surname. In the event of wet weather please collect your race number from the Budleigh Salterton Cricket club, which can be found within 100m of race HQ. The Start The Start line is situated on the seafront, approximately 300m from race HQ. There will be clear directions. The race will start promptly at 11.00am. Please listen to the pre race announcements, they will be important and provide valuable information regarding the race. Your race number must be worn on the front of your person, not cut down or otherwise defaced. The Course The route takes you across a range of terrains including public footpaths, quiet rural roads and coast paths. All public footpaths are open to the general public so please take care and run responsibly. You commence on the seafront and join the footpath heading north along the mouth of River Otter. After 1.5 kilometres you will cross the River Otter and join a rural path heading east until you reach the coast path at Crab ledge where you turn south. The undulating Coast Path is followed for a further 3 kilometres. Here the coast path heads north enabling you to re-cross the River Otter. From White Bridge you follow the footpath south retracing the first stage of the run back to Lime Kiln Car Park. Marshals will be in place to give clear directions. Please show respect when running on public footpaths as other people will be using them. The Finish The race will finish next to race HQ in the field at the end of Lime Kiln Car park. Stay in the same order as you go down the finish funnel (or the results will be inaccurate). If you have left belongings in the kit store, this can be collected from HQ. It has become a bit of a tradition to take a post-race dip in the sea after the run, but this is entirely voluntary! We hope to have the results available and commence the awards ceremony at approximately 12.30pm. Please join us for these, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy a few moments relaxation as well as enjoy bananas and water. Provisional results will be available on the evening of the run, but these are subject to a review process. No headphones or Dogs are allowed on the run Runners have been notified in the entry email, website and race briefing. Accommodation and Public Transport There is an extensive range of accommodation possibilities in the East Devon area, ranging from City centre hotels in Exeter to farmhouse B & Bs. To obtain further details please contact the Budleigh Salterton Tourist Information Centre on 01395 445275 or look at their website. Budleigh Salterton has a regular bus service to Exmouth and Sidmouth. An integral part of this is the Coast Hopper service, which gives visitors access to other parts of the Jurassic Coast , by linking up with the Coastline X53 . This is a summer service which connects Exeter, Sidford, Beer, Seaton, Lyme Regis, Charmouth, Bridport, Abbotsbury, Weymouth, Pool, Wareham and Poole. Click here for more details about the service. Nearby railway stations include Honiton [12 miles] and Exmouth [5 miles] which give access to the Waterloo to Exeter and Paddington to Penzance lines respectively. There are trains every half hour to Exmouth from Exeter.   On The Day:   This will be given verbally on the start line immediately before the start of the race.   1. Thank you for coming   2. Warning: Please be aware you have to share the paths with the general public, we do not have exclusive right of way. It is a multi terrain event with sections that are steep stony paths, steps , narrow paths, running alongside the cliff on the south west coast path, the cliff is always on your right. Please enjoy but do take care.   3. Please do not wear headphones – so you are able to hear marshals instructions and other runners that are behind you and may wish to pass. No dogs are allowed to accompany you on the run.   3. If you see a runner in trouble please stop and help them and ask another runner to warn a marshal ASAP.   4. Runners will also be asked to report back on any problems arising whilst running to the nearest marshal.   5. Where the route takes you along a country road please take care. There are marshals on these sections to warn any traffic   Have a good safe race.   Children’s Fun Run The JC children’s run will start at 10:30am at Budliegh Salterton Cricket Club, just 100 m on a footpath behind Race HQ. Entry in advance via the website or on the day, £5 a runner which will go to the Force Cancer charity. Last entry 10am on the 27th of July subject to availability. Event and Medical will cover the First aid at the Children’s run. Each child needs to have a parent/guardian with them at the children’s run who will take full responsibility for their care. 400 M loop of the perimeter of the cricket club pitch. Every child that finishes will receive a medal. Prize giving for winners of each age category will be awarded at the main JC prize giving at 12:30. Age categories 3 and under 50 m 5 and under 400 m 7 and under 400m 10 and under 400 m 14 and under 400 m Marshals for the Children’s Run will be allocated from the Adults start of the race. Donations will be accepted on the day. Children will be asked for their names, DOB and next of kin at the point of registration. Prize giving will take place with the 10k race at approximately 12:30. All children will receive a medal support if required and water at race HQ.
6.Medical Risk Assessment
  ‘Run Britain’ Road Race Handbook 2010.   The key issues to be considered are:   Number, profile (350, Range from experienced club runners to novices – over 15 years of age)   Course distance and configuration (10km. 1 loop)   Vehicular access for treatment and transportation of casualties – on-course based at SW Water Treatment Works (between 5-6km see map) and at the finish area   Proximity to local NHS Accident and Emergency hospital (20 mins, Exeter). Who will be informed the run is taking place.   Past incident data (1 in 2015 – cut eye)   Availability of communications (Radio’s to communicate with
Event and Mecical, mobile phones to communicate with marshals)   Time of year, anticipated weather conditions (July – warm dry/wet)   Provision of drinking water, (drinking water at race HQ, 5km, clamour bridge (just before 8km) and the finish). Baggage storage at Race HQ. Shelter at the Budliegh Salterton Cricket Club.Sweeper – to walk/run behind the last runner. Sweeper to notify each marshal he passes that the last runner has passed.  Marshals, please take back to race HQ the markers and any race material in their area and any they pass on their way back to race HQ. The Sweeper will stay behind the last runner, if he passes any injured runner he must inform the race organiser of the runner’s number and the problem who will inform Event and Medical to attend the scene, he will phone the nearest marshal to stay with the runner until Event and Medical has arrived. The Sweeper will stay with the injured runner until the marshal arrives. The sweeper will phone 999 if it is an emergency and then phone marshals to come to site to stay with injured runner until medical personal arrives to the scene. Unless an incident has arisen for the run course to be stopped the sweeper will continue along the course until the finish. He will then inform the race organiser the course is clear of runners or any issues and any runners numbers who he has come across that have dropped out of the run. See route map overleaf with marshal positions. All marshals to phone race organiser – Jane – 07814009918 if any incident. Jane to action e.g Event and Mecical, 999, provisions.   Medical post at race HQ/finish and at 5.5km – South West Water Treatment works . 2 Qualified first aider registered medical professional at each post.   Procedure the medical personnel will take to get to casualty Start to race HQ – vehicle access Race HQ to White Bridge – on foot White bridge – 5km – 4×4 access via the coast foot path, via pynes farm. 5km to SW Water plant – by foot no vehicle access. SW Water Plant to 7km – vehicle access 7km – Clamour Bridge – On Foot River otter to White Bridge – On Foot/Air ambulance   Vehicular access is poor along many sections of the run. Event and Medical has been made aware. The nearest Emergency Department is the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Barrack Road, Exeter. The approximate distance would mean around 20 minutes drive time under normal conditions. The location of the course presents no black spots for mobile phone use. Weather conditions appear to be suitable for this level of competition. Provisions for fluids are available at the start / finish and at 5km and clammer bridge, just before 8km.   With this information at hand there will be a vehicle equipped to deal with minor injuries and the provision for immediate response to a serious medical condition E.g. Cardiac arrest would seem suitable for this level of event. In the event of a serious incident, the contingency plan should be to abandon / stop the event as the response unit would be unable to divert to another major incident. Any minor injuries would then be triaged after dealing with the major incident.   This assessment has been compiled with previous data, the Run Britain Guidelines, the medical provider Event and Medical and Jurassic Coast 10k.  
Hazard Persons or Items at Risk Risk Evaluation Control Strategy       Fatigue.   Cramp.   Dehydrated. Runners C3 First Aid provision at the finish line equipped to deal with the provision of the condition.       Serious Medical Condition: E.G; Cardiac Arrest, Stroke etc. Runners or Spectators A3 Marshal to contact Race Organiser who would inform Event and Medical and call 999. Event and Medical to attend with relevant equipment available. 999 called for extra assistance. The race will be abandoned. All marshals will be phoned and told to inform runners due to a serious medical condition the race has had to be stopped. Runners must walk or run back at their own risk. The Sweeper will continue to sweep the course in direction of the run and finish marshal will sweep in alternate direction. Marshals to stay in position until sweeper passes to help direct and ask questions         Slips Trips and Falls: With 300 Runners expected Potential causes of this problem could include: Poor lighting and uneven ground generally.  Potential injuries will in the main be minor (Cuts, Grazes Etc) with a slight chance of more serious injuries (Fractures).                 Runners or Spectators C1 / B3 With runners and spectators of this capacity it should be assumed that at some stage of the day an incident may occur. The control strategy should therefore be two fold, firstly prevent or reduce the likelihood of an incident & secondly a plan of action in case of an incident occurring.   Routes will be walked prior to event to ensure the route is clearly marked and major hazards are highlighted by a sign to the runner     During the set up phase of the event safety co-ordinator(s) will monitor sites to ensure that trip hazards are controlled / highlighted this will be done with the use of hazard tape, or signs.   Throughout the event safety co-ordinator(s) will monitor conditions and where necessary implement controls.   First aid cover for the event is being supplied through Event and Medical Supported by marshals. All agencies will be in communication to ensure casualties get prompt attention.         Lost Runner Runner A3 Sweeper Runner in place to monitor runners dropping out. In the case of a runner dropping out communication back to the finish must be implemented. All runner numbers to be checked in and out to identify any missing runners. If identified Race Organiser to phone contact number on entry form – if not found to sweep course in both directions, if still missing to inform the police.                     Fire: The risk of fire breaking out is very minimal. On this land this will be controlled by the local Fire Brigade. Everybody A3 Communication to the Race Direction is essential. The race to be abandoned on safety grounds. Emergency services to be contacted on 999 by the nearest marshal and race director.       Cold/Icy Weather:  Not relevant for this race. Everybody A3 Check weather forecast in lead up to event, inspect course prior to the event, grit/salt sections if necessary. Ultimately if course is unsafe to run due to ice/heavy fog or very foul weather then we will postpone the event. Runners will be phoned to inform race is cancelled and race organisers will be race HQ to inform any runners who did not get the message for any reason. Marshals and all event staff team will be informed       Rubbish Disposal: In previous yearsthere has not been a challenge with this. Runners / General Public / organisers / volunteers / staff. B2   On completion of event, Marshals & Staff to check and clear site.                    
7.Race & Route Risk Assessment
Hazard Persons or Items at Risk Risk Evaluation Control Strategy Pedestrians, Public & Dogs along the whole route Runners Colliding Medium Advance Warning sign, Course Signage, Race Marshals Runners Briefing Bollards / barriers / gates/hedges Runners Tripping/colliding with barriers/bollards Low Runners Briefing, Marshals Warning Signs Runners colliding with cyclists on cycle paths       Cars – White Bridge to start of SW coast path, clammer bridge, South West Water treatment to Cullivers Cross. Runners/Cyclists         Runners Low         High Advance warning signs to be put in place, marshal to advise of the issue.   Cone at each end of road with marshal to warn drivers and ask to wait until end of run or take alternative route. Very rare for a car to use this section of rd Personal Music Players         Runners not being able to hear Marshals, Pedestrians, Public & Dogs high Runners are asked not to wear them. Steep stony paths, steps down to bridge Runners to be aware possible trips Medium Marshals to warn runners to take care  
8.Emergency Plan
All marshals to have mobiles and provided with key contacts on the day – signal coverage is good across the course, each marshal point has been checked for reception. They will be briefed to call the appropriate contact in the case of an issue and then wait to be advised of what to do.All marshals will be briefed prior to the race.1 First Aid Teams on course with 4×4, based at Sewage works and 1 at Race HQ. Well briefed on quickest way to access all areas of the course

See you on Saturday July 27th 

This event is very important to us and the charity we raise money for.