2017 Entry

You could be running here!

 JC10k 2017 will be held on 20th of August.

‘A must do race! Organisation MUCH better than some of the bigger events I have entered, great value. Am planning next years holiday around this race!’

The Jurassic Coast 10k is run entirely by volunteers and all money raised after costs goes to the FORCE Cancer Charity in Exeter.

The maximum field for the run is 300.

Children’s run

This year will hold the second JC children’s run at 10:30am – there is no entry fee for this though a suggested donation of £5 a runner which will go to to a local charity.

We will hold 4 races:

  • Under 3’s 20m dash
  • Under 5’s 20m dash
  • Under 10’s 100m sprint
  • Under 15’s 100m sprint

Application form

Please remember this is a charity run, organised and operated entirely on a voluntary basis, in aid of the FORCE Cancer Charity.

If you are entering via Runners World, we suggest a donation is £10 which you can pay by BACS or make a donation on the day. Thank you.

There are two ways of entering this year:

  1. Download an application form, complete and return by post,  or
  2. Enter online using the Runners World website.

Gift Aid

On the entry form you will see that there is an entry fee and a donation. We are able to claim gift aid only on your donation.

It won’t cost you anything extra and means that FORCE Cancer Charity will get more money. £100 becomes at least £128, so it really makes a huge difference.

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